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At M4K Pharma, we are using open science to revolutionize how affordable new treatments are discovered and developed. Through our Medicines4Kids program, we will aggregate and align the work of global academics, foundations and industry researchers to advance new cures for childhood diseases not well-served by current business models.

M4K Pharma’s Data:
In line with M4K Pharma’s open science principles, we are committed to sharing our research data freely in the public domain. Our data is currently available for public viewing in the video recordings of our monthly open scientific updates, which are posted to our Blog and also available through our YouTube Channel. Data will be openly available in a downloadable format soon.

Ros Adamson @thesgconline solves the structure of lead inhibitor M4K2009 with its target ALK2, and develops an assay to screen for allosteric ALK2 inhibitors for #DIPG and #FOP: https://t.co/XZL9eQLKMw data: https://t.co/de3OUjmqnQ @FOPFriends @AbbiesArmy @DefeatDIPG @M4KPharma

Looking forward to giving this @ucl_slms Alumni New Year Lecture @UCL tonight. Part A: How do we Do Things? Part B: Open Medicines? Part C: Show Me The Money. #OpenScience feat. @O_S_M @thesgconline @MedsforMalaria @DNDi @M4KPharma @_breakinggood and, well, John Bercow https://t.co/Puh5TnWBsn

Pre-competitive drug discovery has many exciting #openscience projects like @O_S_M and @thesgconline who deliver #opendata and research tools into the public domain. @M4KPharma & @m4ndpharma companies build on SGC efforts, do not rely on patents & practice #openscience

So proud to follow this group of scientific leaders who had the courage to adopt Open Science principles and experiment new business models for the development of affordable medicines. The best is yet to come. @thesgconline @TheNeuro_MNI @M4KPharma #openscience #rarediseases

Expanding the #openscience drug discovery model to neurodegenerative diseases. M4ND Pharma @m4ndpharma launched.

@aledmedwards: “It’s time to move the goal posts again on what’s possible with open science.” https://t.co/5vW8CrZu6p @uoftmedicine

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