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At M4K Pharma, we are using open science to revolutionize how affordable new treatments are discovered and developed. Through our Medicines4Kids program, we will aggregate and align the work of global academics, foundations and industry researchers to advance new cures for childhood diseases not well-served by current business models.

You're invited to join M4K's Scientific Team Update Meeting online. Be a part of open source drug discovery to #defeatDIPG !! Everyone is welcome! Wednesday July 18th (10:00am-12:00pm EST) on Zoom at:
https://t.co/eIejGEhS8p #OpenScience

Novartis exits anti-bacterials. Time to consider the wisdom of carrying out AMR drug discovery in the open, with no patents and with an up-front commitment to affordable pricing? @wellcometrust @gatesfoundation @M4KPharma @DNDi @O_S_M

Join the discussion at #LSPDD18 with @Ashoka fellow and Director
of @thesgconline @aledmedwards about the first ever Open Science Drug Discovery company @M4KPharma. Register now - https://t.co/ugJuBFfPc5 https://t.co/Ld0u3ZZUFf

Moving the research for a DIPG cure forward with #openscience ! Our collaborator Ellie at @thesgconline openly shares the results of her experiments using M4K’s chemical compounds in her online open lab notebook 🔬👩🏻‍🔬📓

Ros Adamson @thesgconline provides updates on solving the structure of ALK2 and ALK5 with inhibitors, which could help find drugs against #DIPG and #FOP. #Openscience notebook: https://t.co/4NHYpPMajr Accompanying blog: https://t.co/kFnRwHF8J4 @ifopa @DefeatDIPG @FOPFriends

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