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Open Science for Children’s Health

M4K Pharma is using open science to revolutionize how affordable new treatments are discovered and developed. Through our Medicines4Kids program, we are aggregating and aligning the work of global academics, foundations and pharma/biotech researchers to advance new cures for childhood diseases not well served by current business models.

M4K Pharma’s first program is the discovery, development and commercialization of an ALK2 enzyme inhibitor which will provide the first therapeutic developed specifically for the treatment of Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG).

M4K Pharma’s Data:
In line with M4K Pharma’s open science principles, we are committed to sharing our research data freely in the public domain. Our data is currently available for public viewing in the video recordings of our monthly open scientific updates, which are posted to our Blog and also available through our YouTube Channel. Data will be openly available in a downloadable format soon.

Affordable access to effective new medicines should be a human right. That’s what a large group of #openscience folks are working toward in @M4KPharma.
(paper open access soon)
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Jong Fu @thesgconline evaluates ALK2 inhibitors from @M4KPharma on DIPG cells derived from cancer patients. #Openscience report: https://t.co/awAmEyQzcN, Blog: https://t.co/Zh7b4PDWDm


Hi @DeanBaker13 if you're interested in this area you might want to check out @O_S_M @M4KPharma https://t.co/2pRpcjzpw2 https://t.co/ou5VfeZZwU https://t.co/QKcBG1t3xR and https://t.co/evVS4sZqrV @aledmedwards #openscience @ellenthoen @ElsTorreele @VIMIOpen https://t.co/jRe94FWX3k

@DeanBaker13 Agreed - strength in diversity of approaches. Trialling a company structure is what's behind @M4KPharma and the infectious disease #openscience company @aledmedwards and I founded https://t.co/6OxmZdjB9G which is intended to partner with people to develop meds openly

E é por isso que eu presto muita atenção em modelos alternativos, como as parcerias público-privadas capitaneadas pela ONG @DNDi_Portugues e @MedsforMalaria, e modelos de ciência aberta como o @O_S_M e o @M4KPharma, que já indicam um caminho alternativo para o futuro

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