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At M4K Pharma, we are using open science to revolutionize how affordable new treatments are discovered and developed. Through our Medicines4Kids program, we will aggregate and align the work of global academics, foundations and industry researchers to advance new cures for childhood diseases not well-served by current business models.

M4K Pharma’s Data:
In line with M4K Pharma’s open science principles, we are committed to sharing our research data freely in the public domain. Our data is currently available for public viewing in the video recordings of our monthly open scientific updates, which are posted to our Blog and also available through our YouTube Channel. Data will be openly available in a downloadable format soon.

Ros Adamson @thesgconline starts the year with new crystals and new structures of @M4KPharma compounds in complex with the #DIPG and #FOP target ALK2… Happy 2019! #Openscience notebook: https://t.co/KwkWsWNWhl Blog: https://t.co/SCS11BIwWl @DefeatDIPG @FOPFriends @AbbiesArmy

Jong Fu Wong @thesgconline tests potent inhibitors of the #DIPG and #FOP target ALK2/ACVR1 from @M4KPharma in cells. #Openscience notebook: https://t.co/F6BhDodz8P Blog: https://t.co/eGTiSEhXbg @DefeatDIPG @AbbiesArmy @FOPFriends

Ellie Williams @thesgconline works on crystallizing the #DIPG and #FOP target ALK2 in complex with ACVR1 and FKBP12 to inform the design of future drugs. #Openscience notebook: https://t.co/HirkIubgr7 Blog: https://t.co/rl7pRTDUyz @DefeatDIPG @AbbiesArmy @FOPFriends @M4KPharma

#OpenScience & drug discovery : Maxwell Robert Morgan & @aledmedwards discuss implementing an open science business model to encourage transparency, potentially reduce direct development costs & accelerate drug discovery @UofT @thesgconline @M4KPharma https://t.co/mQtsw3Rt1T

Interesting idea of @aledmedwards and colleagues how to enable #openscience in #drug development using #regulatory exclusivity instead of #patents.
@M4KPharma #pharma #innovation @BioMed_X

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