Collaborators share first ALK2 protein structure bound to M4K Pharma compound

A: The overall structure of ALK2 bound to M4K2117. B: The structure of the ligand M4K2117. C: A close up of the binding pocket of ALK2 bound to M4K2117 (From:

M4K Pharma’s collaborators Dr Alex Bullock and his team from the Structural Genomics Consortium (SGC) at the University of Oxford shared the details of the ALK2 kinase crystal structure bound to M4K’s potent inhibitor M4K2117 in the RCSB’s Protein Data Bank (Structure 6SRH). Dr Ellie Williams also shared the data in her online open notebook.

Visualizing the compound bound in complex to the ALK2 kinase, the mutated protein in some DIPG patients, will provide valuable information to help design better inhibitors that bind closely to the targeted area of the protein. 


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